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Stinson 108 Technical Info
Page Created 1/31/99
Updated 11/17/15


Gathered here are technical tidbits that I learned while restoring my Stinson.  Some are hard-to-find facts, some are sources for hard-to-find parts, others are simply my solutions to challenges found during the restoration. Also included are technical tips from other Stinson 108 restorers and a selection of technical documents.

Technical Documents

  • Advisory Circular 23-27 - FAA guidance on parts and materials substitution for vintage aircraft. Added 7/17/09.
  • A-767 - The Type Certificate Data Sheet for the Stinson 108 series, Revision 28, dated October 1, 2011 in PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat. Added 2/3/2004, Updated 12/30/11.
  • E-238 -  The Type Certificate Data Sheet for the Franklin 150 and 165 engines, Revision 14, dated April 30, 2013 in PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat.  Updated 9/16/13.
  • Bodell Brakes - Skybound, Inc. offers the Bodell wheel and brake system for the Stinson.  Click here for a scan (in PDF format) of the brochure from Skybound, installation instructions. drawings, and a price list that was current as of May 2011.  Added 6/22/11.
  • Continental Service Bulletin SB3-03.  Differential Pressure Test and Borescope Inspection Procedures for Cylinders.  Current procedures for a compression check, supersedes M84.15.  Though bulletin is from Continental,  principles apply to all piston engines.  Added 2/21/10.
  • FAA Policy Statement on Shoulder Harness Retrofits - A recent policy permits the installation of shoulder harnesses in older aircraft as a "minor change."  Added 9/21/06.
  • Franklin 150-B3 Parts and Price Catalog - Dated April 20, 1968. 25 pages, 14 MB PDF file. This is a scan courtesy of Larry Wheelock.  Printed by Tuscarawas County Aviation, Inc, which was then a Franklin distributor. Includes some handwritten notes by Larry. Added 1/5/12.
  • Franklin 165-B3 Service Parts List  - Scanned by Sean Mullaly, reproduced and posted with permission, courtesy of Univair.  Added 1/14/10.
  • Franklin  Engine Service Manual - 150 and 165 - Scanned by Sean Mullaly, reproduced and posted with permission, courtesy of Univair.  Added 1/14/10.
  • McCauley Met-L-Prop Installation Drawing.   Univair has revised the drawing for the installation of the McCauley prop and spinner on the Stinson Voyager.  Bolt torque values have changed.  This is a PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat. Added 6/11/09.
  • Owner Produced Parts - FAA guidance on a complex topic.  This is a PDF copy of a 1993 Memorandum from the FAA Assistant Chief Counsel for Regulations.  Added 2/18/13.
  • Stinson Parts Catalog for Voyager and Flying Station Wagon - Scanned by Sean Mullaly, reproduced and posted with permission, courtesy of Univair.  Added 1/14/10.
  • Stinson Service Letter 81, Revision A, dated March 13, 2009, provides updated information for battery installations in our Stinsons.  Requires Adobe Acrobat. Added 9/15/2005. Updated 3/1/11.

Technical Information and Tips

  • Alternator Conversion.  Joe Kendzicky has installed the Stan Bedford alternator conversion on his 108.  Here are photos and documents.  Updated 5/10/04.
  • Calibration and Use of Cable Tensiometers.  Rigging the control cables should be done with the aid of a cable tensiometer.  Rich Tweedie provides info on using these tools and specific tips for rigging the cables on the Stinson 108.  Updated 4/12/99.
  • Center Stack Avionics.  Joe Kendzicky has designed a custom instrument panel that includes an avionics "center short stack."  See how he did it.  Updated 3/14/04.
  • Circuit Breaker Panel.  The original circuit breakers are of the automatic resetting type and are hidden behind the panel.  I switched to modern breakers and made a subpanel to avoid non-original holes in the face of the main panel.  Learn what I did here.
  • Cleveland Brake Conversion - rear mounting of caliper for a cleaner look. Added 8/8/07.  Updated 1/24/13.
  • Cleveland Brake Conversion Wheel Pant Pattern - a pattern for cutting the wheelpants  to clear Cleveland Brakes - using the standard forward position. Added 4/30/08.
  • Control Column Universal Joint Boots. After 50 years, the original rubber boots on the universal joints on each control yoke end will need to be replaced.  Here's where you can find replacements and what is involved in doing the  job. Updated 3/4/99.
  • ELT Installation.  Here's a method to install an ELT with a hidden antenna.  Updated 6/6/99.
  • Engine Options - a summary of known alternatives to the Franklin 150 and 165 as well as news of new production Franklin engines and parts. Unfortunately, STC's are often sold and it is hard to keep up with new owners. Updated 11/17/15
  • Flap Cable Alert  - Many Stinsons have a dangerous situation involving flap control cable misalignment that could lead to loss of control of the airplane.  Inspection and correction is easy. Thanks to Rich Tweedie for this very important tip.  New 2/23/99.
  • Fuel Valve.   An improved fuel selector valve is now available from Univair.  Here are the details.  Added 11/9/99. Updated 12/14/11.
  • Fuselage Tubing.  Here are some trouble spots that you should inspect and methods for repairing the tubing.  Added 12/13/99.
  • Franklin Engine Oil Dipstick Alert.  Stinson owner Jack Smits reports on the potentially dangerous failure of his oil dipstick. Added 12/1/02.
  • Franklin 165 Heavy Case vs. Light Case.  How can I tell if my F-165 has the heavy case.  Added 7/16/10.
  • Franklin 220.  Rich Tweedie's notes on installing and operating the Franklin 220 in his 108-2, N175C.  Added 4/9/99.
  • Franklin 220, Part 2.  Rich Tweedie's baffles and tandem oil cooler installation.  Added 4/27/99.
  • Instrument Panel.  Those who wish to restore the instrument panel of 108-1, -2, and -3 aircraft to original condition may find my sources of parts helpful. Updated 3/7/11.
  • Pacific Oil Cooler Installation 337  (page 1) - Bill Beerman supplied a copy of the 337 form for installation of the Pacific Oil Cooler on his Stinson.  Click for here for page 2.  Added 12/7/09.
  • Penetrating Oil.  Machinists Magazine reports that an effective penetrating oil for removing rusted bolts and screws is a 50/50 mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid.  This homebrew proved better than commercial products such as Liquid Wrench and Kroil.  Added 3/31/10.
  • Rudder Pedal Torque Tube Removal.  Removing the torque tubes for the rudder pedals is a little tricky.  Here's how to do it.
  • Shock Strut Overhaul.  Info and photos on overhauling the Stinson landing gear shock absorbers. Added 12/24/07, updated 3/13/12.
  • Stinson Woodwork.  In addition to the "woody" panels in the Flying Station Wagon, wood is used in the cabin and baggage compartment of all 108 models.  Here's information to help in restoring the woodwork in your Stinson. Updated 8/22/10.
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