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Franklin 220 Notes, Part 2
This page created  4/27/99
Updated 3/30/00
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Here's the latest on Rich Tweedie's F-220 installation.  This page illustrates his unique baffles and dual oil cooler installation.  Be aware that this oil cooler installation is for the old style oil pan, not the deeper new style used on the PZL engines.

Notes and photos by Rich Tweedie

Engine Baffles

" I have derived a new scheme for installing the silicone baffling.  Since I hate pop rivets, and they squish out the silicone baffling, they were a no go.  Straight rivets were tried, with similar results.  Finally, I came up with using flush rivets on the baffling, with aluminum strips (.025 2024t3) on the inside, that were ALSO DIMPLED.  making the holes in the  silicone material slightly larger than 1/8th inch, made it all work beautifully.  No squishing, a solid, (and to my mind, beautiful) installation.  The guys here at Frazier Lake (a hotbed of antique and homebuilt activity with many grand champions) think it is the best they have seen."

Tandem Oil Cooler Installation

"The first photo of the oil cooler installation is from the co-pilots side, and the second is from the pilots side.  None of the hoses are shown yet.  They are installed now, and I will send pics soon with the hoses, as well as the six point priming system that I used.  The front cooler is the stock Harrison 13 row used by Seaplane Flying.  The supplementary one is a Stewart Warner Southwind 7 row, also STC'd by Seaplane flying.  The brackets they sent me to install it would not fit, interfering with the oil filler tube, so have been modified as shown."

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