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Stinson Aircraft Photo Gallery

This page created December 1998
Updated  12/28/14
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    Here are some photos of Stinson aircraft from around the world.

December 25, 2014.  Randy Phillips of Camp Point, Illinois, wrote: "Here's my favorite pic of my 1946 108-1, N97015, taken at Smith Airport, LL27, about two years ago."

April 25, 2014.  David Gullacher sent this photo of his 108-3 Super Stinson taken in July of 2013. Dave writes, "It is highly customized with an O-470 Continental and 4 blade Warp Drive prop. It has a complete Cessna 180 fiberglass front end which fits very well. There are too many other upgrades and mods to list here. My wife and I regularly fly this Stinson to Northern Ontario and it is a trusty steed."

February 27, 2014.  Mark Moore sent this photo of his Stinson 108-2, N9495K, s/n 108-2495.  Power is from a 165 Franklin.  Mark has just completed a three-year restoration following a ground loop  caused by a seized outer wheel bearing.  Mark had only owned the plane two weeks when the bearing seized. Mark says, "Check those wheel bearings."  The photo was taken at the restoration site, Beard Airport, 52LA, near Lake Charles, Louisiana, home of Bruce Beard's Aircraft Services.  Mark restored the plane under the guidance of Bruce who is a master restorer and also shot the paint using the AirTech process.  Mark was inspired to use the yellow and blue paint scheme after seeing Mike Roe's yellow 108-1 here at Hangar 9 Aeroworks.  The hot rod is an original all-steel body 32 Ford ownd by Sheldon Hefler, who also took the photo.

June 16, 2013. Matt Humes sent this photo of his metalized 108-2.  N9432K, serial number 108-2432, is based east of San Antonio, Texas at Zuehl Field (1TE4).  Matt acquired it in 2011 from a family friend and flew it home from Colorado where it had been owned and based for more than 40 years.  When new, it was owned by Ms. Molly Bernheim of North Carolina, who wrote about her flying this Stinson called, "A Sky of My Own".  Matt's wife subsequently named the airplane, "Miss Molly".  Matt is currently stationed in Germany with the USAF, but looks forward to flying his Stinson when  he retires and gets back home.

June 30, 2012.  Mike Benoit sent this photo of his award-winning Stinson 108-1. Mike restored this from a basket case that had not flown for more than 30 years.  Notice that it has a rare Aeromatic propeller and float fittings.  Mike makes and sells reproductions of the interior dome light covers, details here.  Mike is an air traffic controller in British Columbia, Canada.

May 21, 2012.  Lynn O'Donnell sent this photo of her Stinson 108-2 with the "Supermoon" rising over the tail on May 5, 2012.  Lynn, a retired United Airlines 767 Captain, is based at Spruce Creek in Florida.

March 23, 2012. Herk Strumpf sent this photo.  In the foreground is his "Golden Voyager."

December 27, 2011.  Brandon Banks sent this vintage photo and a note: "I just got the attached picture from a family member.  It shows my aunt, the late Florence "Floddie" Brooks and her friend Bill Davis.  Taking the picture is my uncle, David Brooks.  The three of them owned the Stinson in the picture, NC97495.  They were on the way back from Canada and stopped in Burlington, Vermont to clear customs."  The photo was taken on July 4, 1955.  FAA records show the plane was deregistered in the early 1970's.  Brandon (brooks@kyw.com) would like any information on the fate of NC97495.  There are several interesting things about this "straight" 108, serial 108-495.  Notice that the left wheel pant is missing while the right one is attached.  One wonders if it was flown that way.  Also note the Aeromatic prop and oversized spinner.  And finally, note the stall warning indicator vane on the leading edge, just to the inside of the landing lights.  One does not often see these on early Stinsons.

December 14, 2011.  Dennis Crenshaw sent this in-flight photo of his beautiful 108-3, NC6102M.  Dennis keeps his Stinson at Hanover County Airport near Richmond, Virginia.

September 27, 2010. Henri Payre sent these photos from France.  He wrote , "We had in July a nice Fly-In in Lons-le-Saulnier (LFGL) located in the French Jura and made a few photographs. The photographer was Joe Rimensberger, from Lausanne, shooting from a C170 with the right door removed. The two Stinsons are F-BFPM and F-BEXD, the only two 108-3 registered in France and flying there. " The blue and silver Stinson, F-BFPM belongs to Henri.  The other Stinson, F-BEXD, serial number 108-4419, belongs to Alain Flotard and was used by French forces as a liaison aircraft in Indochina (Vietnam) in 1951.  It was recently brought back to France from Switzerland (where it was registered as HB-TRS) and restored to the  paint scheme used by the French military in Indochina.

September 29, 2010.  Bob Steelhammer sent this photo of his landing at Airventure 2010 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  N311C is a 108-2 with a Lycoming O-360 and a Hartzell constant speed prop.  Bob lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

August 30, 2010. Alan Uhler sent this and said, "Couldn't resist this photo of my bird."  N710C is a 108-3 in the original colors.  Alan is from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

August 16, 2010.  Delbert Schneider of Kalispell, Montana sent this photo of his N8963K.  It is a 108-1 that has been upgraded with a 165 Franklin. The plane was damaged in September 2008 when a crosswind gust turned the plane sideways on roll-out.  The right landing gear and fuselage fabric were damaged, as well as a prop strike and right wing tip damaged. After repairs, Delbert completed a re-fabric job with Superflite VI.  The color is Bahama blue with ivory trim. It was finished in August 2010.

June 25, 2010.  Dennis Crenshaw owns this pretty Stinson 108-3, N6102M.  I took this photo in my back yard when Dennis came to visit.

May 20, 2010.  NC8502 is now based just across the runway from me at VA99.  I took this photo of Mike Roe's 108-1 a few days after it arrived. Serial number is 108-1502.  It is one of a small number of Stinsons that came from the factory painted yellow. 


May 3, 2010.  Here's something different - and another example of a "working" Stinson.  Lynn O'Donnell sent these photos with a note indicating this was one of two Stinson "Mules" built with a Pratt and Whitney R-1340 motor and enlarged door openings.  I believe this started as a V-77 based on the registration number. This one was used for skydiving operations on the east coast.  It is no longer on the FAA registry.  Notice the metalized fuselage, the wind deflectors at the leading edge of the door openings, and the extended jump platform.

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