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Stinson Aircraft Gallery (Archives 2006-2007)

This page created December 1998
Updated  1/16/14
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  Here are some photos of Stinson aircraft from around the world.

August 13, 2007. Jim Custis of Denver, Colorado, sent these two photos of his "straight" 108, N97626, serial #108-626.  This  beautiful "Voyager 150" has the original interior and has a full gyro system.  Click on the images for a larger view.

July 25, 2007, photographed at Oshkosh.  Not your everyday Stinson, this Model A Trimotor is one of only 31 built, and the only one still flying.  Owned by collector Greg Herrick.

July 23, 2007, photographed at Oshkosh. Steve Smith's pretty red Stinson won the award for Outstanding Stinson in the Classic category. NC97979, serial #108-979 is a 108-1 that has been modified with a Lycoming O-360 engine.  Notice also the 108-3 style side windows.  Steve is from Santa Rosa, California.

July 26, 2007.  Jenny Rasmussen flew into Airventure 2007 in her 108-3, NC362C, serial 108-3662.  This is a nice example of a metalized Stinson.

July 25, 2007.  NC9310K, serial number 108-2310, was one of many nice Stinsons that flew into Oshkosh for AirVenture 2007. It is owned by Mike Fooshee of Austin, Texas.  Mike is a retired Southwest Airlines captain and keeps his Stinson and his J3 Cub at his private airstrip outside of Austin.  In March of 2008, Mike's nephew, T.J. Roberts sent a photo of Mike's hangar where he keeps his Stinson and Cub.  The Monocoupe 90A in the foreground (with a Lambert engine!) is owned by Mike's friend, Southwest pilot Danny Hopkins.

July 8, 2007.  Simon Rose of Alberta, Canada, sent this photo of his beautiful 108-3, serial 108-4220, registration CF-LWI.  The custom paint scheme is similar to one first seen more than two decades ago on a 108-3, N984C, owned by the late Ken Brock.  This highly modified Stinson sports a 250 HP Lycoming O-540 and a constant speed Hartzell prop.  When you click on the image for a larger view, be sure to note the beautiful custom strut fairings.  Simon has applied for a Canadian STC for the engine conversion.  Details on the engine conversion can be found in this MS Word Document that Simon prepared. 


June 28, 2007.  Mike Benoit of Comox, British Columbia  sent this photo of this Voyager 150, serial 108-805.  He restored it over a period of four years in his garage and made the first flight recently. 

May 28, 2007.  Larry Browning of Granbury, Texas, sent this photo of his early 108, serial number 108-97.  It is now registered as N925LM, but was originally NC40167.  The plane was owned by (and recovered by) his parents during the sixties  but was later sold and then exported to Canada.  Larry located the plane in Canada where it was under restoration by Dave Yacentiuk.  Larry was able to purchase the restored Stinson and it was delivered to Texas in July of 2006.

March 4, 2007.  Heinz Bitterman sent this photo of this Stinson 108-3, N6801M, in flight past Chambord Castle in France.  "It was shot by Renate Reeve of Johannesburg, South Africa, while she and her husband and another couple flew from Texel in the Netherlands via the Loire valley with all the castles to our home base in Southern France with us.  Photo plane was a Piper Supercub. "  Though based in France, N6801M is registered in the United States.

November 2006.  Burton Schriber of Taunton, Massachusetts, sent this photo of his 108-1, N9071, serial 108-2051.  Burton recently finished the restoration of his Stinson.  He reported that Dick Ward and Butch Walsh were very helpful during the restoration process, both always willing to spend the time to share information with him.  He was saddened to hear of the loss of these two great supporters of the Stinson Community.  Burton also mentions that information from Hangar 9 Aeroworks was helpful as he completed the restoration. 

September, 2006.  Tom Reeves sent these photos of two Stinson 108-3's.  The photos were taken at Frazier Lake Airpark, 1C9, in Hollister, California.  With few exceptions, Stinsons for model year 1948 were available in Stinson Maroon or Blue, though the majority were maroon.  The blue one here, NC539C, serial 108-3539, belongs to Tom, who is from San Jose, California.  The maroon one, NC6639M, serial 108-4639, belongs to Steven and Nancy Foster of Morgan Hill, California.  The production run of the big-tail 108-3's was long, with serial numbers running from 108-3501 through 108-5260.

September, 2006.  Maurie Evans sent this photo of his 108-3 from "down-under."  Registered as VH-ROA, serial number 108-5215, this Flying Station Wagon is based at Wedderburn, about 50 miles southwest of Sydney, Australia.   Maurie reports, " The photo was taken in Feb 06 at a fly-in at Wollongong airport which is about twenty miles south of my home airport at Wedderburn.  My Stinson now has 1007 hours total time and runs the 165 Franklin which has 175 hours since total rebuild. The Aircraft was imported into Australia from the USA in 1994. I enjoy looking at your website and keeping up with all the news on the Yahoo Stinson group.  Thanks for providing so much information about Stinsons."

August, 2006.  Charles Hauser sent this photo of his Stinson 108-3, NC6233M, serial number 108-4233.  This Stinson was restored by Butch Walsh and won Grand Champion awards at Oshkosh and Sun 'N' Fun.  For more photos and information on 33M, go to this link.

July, 2006.  Sebastián Torterolo of Montevideo, Uruguay sent these photos of a Stinson 108-3 project under restoration there.  The plane is owned by the “Museo Aeronaútico” (Aeronautical Museum of Uruguay).  Sebastián is a volunteer from the AAMA (“Asociación de Amigos del Museo Aeronáutico”  / Aeronautical Museum Friends Association). This Museum depends on the Uruguayan Air Force, and collects both civilian and military aircraft that were used in Uruguay since the beginnings of the century.  The museum was devastated by a fire in 1998 and since then there is a big effort to recover some pieces. Other ones, some of them unique pieces in the world (like a Potez 25) were lost forever.  The AAMA is working hard on the restoration of the Stinson. The Voyager was a very popular plane in Uruguay in the 50`s, and today there is one still flying there. The museum is restoring this aircraft with the help of many volunteers around the world, that work in the “hangar” and help in many other ways, from making donations of manuals, constructing pieces, or just providing information that is needed to achieve a good restoration. This Stinson is serial number 108-5225.  It is registered as CX-ALL.  It is one of four Stinsons delivered to Uruguay on June 29, 1948.  Sebastián would like to hear from Stinson owners who can provide detailed dimensions for the wood parts of the baggage compartment.  You can contact him by e-mail at:  sebastian.torterolo@branaa.com

June 26, 2006.  Paula Swift has owned N8299K, a Stinson 108-1,  since February 2005.  This Stinson  retains the stock 150 horsepower Franklin engine and the original instrument panel.  The photo was sent in by Paula's husband Sam. They live in Nashville, Tennessee and the aircraft is based in Lebanon, Tennessee (M54).

June 1, 2006.  Brian Moffet of Santa Cruz, California sent this photo of his metalized 108-1  Power is from a 165 HP Franklin. Photo was taken at Half Moon Bay Airport in California.

May 30, 2006.  Jim Hogan sent this picture of his 108-2, N9503K,  fresh from the paint shop - Nor-Cal Aircraft Refinishing, in Orland, CA.  The plane is all metal except for the ailerons and has the Lycoming O-435 / Hartzel combo for motivation. Note the modified lower cowl, the larger spinner to accommodate the Hartzel prop, and the modifed exhaust to accommodate the Lycoming engine.

April 26, 2006.  I received this note and photo from Ian Harvie of New South Wales, Australia: "Enjoy your excellent web site.  Just thought you might like an "International" flavor for the site and have attached a shot of my Stinson VH-JKD flying just North of Sydney.  Previously ZS-UKD and when I bought it in 1976 ZS-BHH.  Serial number is 108-1-833. Now due it's second rebuild (due to the Goodyear brakes!).  Ian"

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