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Stinson Aircraft Gallery (Archives 2008-2009)

This page created December 1998
Updated  1/16/14
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   Stinson Photos from Around the World


December 8, 2009.  Lynn O'Donnell sent these photos.   N4171C, is a Stinson 108-3, owned by Robert Hadow and Lynn O’Donnell. These pictures were taken by Henri Payre of France on his first ever trip to Oshkosh in 2007. Henri, along with Heinz Bitterman, flew another Stinson in formation with N4171C from NJ to Watertown, Wisconsin to meet up for the mass fly-in to Oshkosh.

November 6, 2009.  Don and Wanda Goodman, of Goode, Virginia, flew into VA99, home of Hangar 9 Aeroworks on a very windy morning.  A skilled pilot and a capable airplane handled the gusty conditions and short airstrip impressively.  This 108-3 has won many awards and has been featured on the cover of Vintage Airplane Magazine.  It is powered by a 180 horsepower Franklin and features a constant speed prop.  It sure was nice to look out my back door and see this beauty parked on the grass.

Updated 11/6/2009.  A new red bike and a new blue Stinson.  This photo was taken around 1948. The little boy in the photo is Bill Marks.  The Stinson, NC332C, a 108-2 Flying Station Wagon, belonged to Bill's Dad, Owen Marks, who bought this Stinson when it was new. Owen Marks owned and operated Marks Flying Service at Marks Field, Lawton, Michigan.  Marks Field closed more than 25 years ago and became Marks Golf Course.   The plane was located by Bill Marks and registered in his name in 2007.  I received an email in November, 2009 from Tom Brucks who said his Dad learned to fly at Marks Field after WWII and flew this plane in the fall of 1947.

February 15, 2009.  Mark Meiggs sent this photo of his extraordinary 108-3, which he has named "Patty".  It has been converted to a 108-5 with the switch to a 180 horsepower Franklin 335B1 purpose-built by Greg Lucas along with a McCauley C21 CS propeller.  Notice the many other visible modifications to this Stinson including Cleveland brakes, observer doors, one piece windshield, split cowl, and vortex generators.  Mark says, "My intent was never to authenic-ize the restoration but to include modifications that were safety related and performance enhancing but, alas, too numerous to mention.  I suppose you could call Patty a retro restoration. "  

December 20, 2008.  British photographer Terry Fletcher sent this photo he shot while touring Alaska.   This is an example of a "working airplane" and so lacks the polish of many of the restored classics pictured here.  What is amazing is that this plane is still earning its keep after 75 years.  This is a 1933 Stinson Junior, NC13822, serial number 8774, registered to Fred and Mark Walatka of Anchorage.  Fred Walatka is a civil engineer who operates a land surveying firm in the Anchorage area.

November 15, 2008.  Ray Johnson sent this aerial photo of NC949D, a 108-2 restored to perfection by the late Butch Walsh.  949 Delta is now owned by Dana Segler of Granbury, Texas.

November 5, 2008.  Bob and Pat Pustell sent this photo of their metalized 108-2 Voyager, named "Miss Rose."  Serial number is 108-2419 and the registration is N9419K.  Miss Rose is based at Windsock Village Airpark in New Hampshire.

September 16, 2008.  Terry Fletcher sent this photo of an L-5, serial number 1428, believed to be the only one flying in the UK.  The aircraft was photographed at the 2008 Vintage and Classic Fly-in at Turweston , UK.   It was apparently restored a couple of years ago and is now based in Norfolk in the UK  - but still retains its N6438C registration.


March 7, 2008.  Steve Clouse of Ely, Minnesota, sent this photo of his 108-3.  Restoration was completed in 2005.

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