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Mike Benoit's Reproduction Stinson Dome Light Covers

Added 5/4/03; Updated 7/1/12




Mike Benoit, a Stinson owner in British Columbia,  now has available reproductions of the original Stinson dome light covers as used on the 108 series Stinson aircraft.  You can contact Mike for details at: mbenoit1081@hotmail.com.   Cost is about $20.00 plus shipping.  Understand that Mike does this as a hobby and that his "real job" as an air traffic controller is his first priority.  But this is a great service for Stinson owners looking for these hard to find parts.


Two new covers... one fresh from the mold, the other after final trimming and sanding.


Snaps into place just like the original.... just without the cracks!

Mike also can make lenses for the earlier oblong style dome lights.

Contact Mike at: mbenoit1081@hotmail.com

Mike and his award winning Stinson.  Click on photo for a larger view.

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