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Aeronca Technical Information
Page added 8/15/00
Updated 3/9/15


This page contains information of a technical nature for Aeronca enthusiasts. 

Type Certificate Data Sheets - official specifications for aircraft from the FAA. In PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • A-759 - The Type Certificate Data Sheet for 7 Series aircraft.   Added 8/30/05, Updated 1/30/10.
  • A-761 - The Type Certificate Data Sheet for 11 Series aircraft.  Added 8/30/05, Updated 1/30/10.
  • A-796  - The Type Certificate Data Sheet for the 11CC Super Chief.  Added 3/14/10.
  • A-675 - The Type Certificate Data Sheet that covers several pre-war Aeroncas, including the 65-CA Super Chief.  Added  10/13/06, Updated 1/30/10.
  • A-702 - The Type Certificate Data Sheet that covers severak pre-war Aeroncas, including the  50L, the 50LA, the 65L and the 65LB (L-3G).  Added 3/14/10.
  • A-802 - The Type Certificate Data Sheet for 15AC Sedan.   Added 10/13/05, Updated 1/30/10.

Tech Info:

  • John Propst Articles Relating to the Aeronca Champ and Chief  - A great collection of tech articles, highly recommended.  Added 1/18/14.
  • Advisory Circular 23-27 - FAA guidance on parts and materials substitution for vintage aircraft. Added 7/17/09.
  • Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) for 15AC Sedan Spar Airworthiness Directive.  Carl Bahn has developed an AMOC for inspection of Sedan wing spars using a borescope.  For the AMOC click here and for the FAA letter of approval click here.  These are both PDF files requiring a PDF reader.  Added 2/6/13.
  • Continental Service Bulletin SB3-03.  Differential Pressure Test and Borescope Inspection Procedures for Cylinders.  Current procedures for a compression check, supersedes M84.15.  Added 2/21/10.
  • Continental Service Information Letter SIL99-2B - Current listing of sealants, lubricant, & adhesives authorized by Teledyne Continental Motors.  Need to know what oils are approved for the Continental engine in your Aeronca?  Here's the official data.  Added 9/8/07.
  • Continental C-85-12 Tachometer Drive Seal Replacement - Photos and tips on replacing the seal to solve an oil leak where the tach cable attaches. Added 6/12/13.
  • FAA Policy Statement on Shoulder Harness Retrofits - A recent policy permits the installation of shoulder harnesses in older aircraft as a "minor change."  Added 9/21/06.
  • Brake Cables - do you have the correct brake cable on your Champ or Chief?  An improper cable could cause an embarrassing moment.  Here's info on what to look for.  Added 3/11/01, Updated 10/27/04.
  • Goodyear Brake Return Springs.  The Goodyear mechanical disc brakes on many of our Aeroncas require some special care.  One area of interest is the return spring that pulls the puck away from the disk when the brakes are released.  A stronger spring allows the brakes to be adjusted so that the puck sits closer to the disc in the released position, improving performance when the brakes are applied.  Here are photos of two different types of return springs.  The spring in Photo #1 does the better job of keeping the puck away from the disc when released. Both photos (and the information) are courtesy of Richard Starr.  Photo #3 shows the spring on my Chief, N86176, the same type of spring as in photo #1. This photo is taken from the front, with the wheel and disk removed.

    Brake Spring Photo 1
    Brake Spring Photo 2
    Brake Spring Photo 3


  • Goodyear Brake Adjustment - a copy of the article on Goodyear Brake adjustment that appeared in Joe Dickey's Aeronca Aviator newsletter, Issue No. 15.  Autumm, 1985.  Back issues of the original newsletters are now available from the Aeronca Aviators Club. Added 9/18/06, updated 6/29/09.
  • Oleo Strut Maintenance - is your Aeronca on the level?  If not, maybe you need  to replace an oleo strut spring.  Here's how. Added 5/5/02; Updated 9/6/14.
  • Owner Produced Parts - FAA guidance on a complex topic.  This is a PDF copy of a 1993 Memorandum from the FAA Assistant Chief Counsel for Regulations. Added 2/19/13.
  • Goodyear Brake Pads.  The round pucks for the Goodyear mechanical brakes are hard to find.  Some make their own from truck brake pad material.  The pucks are 1.25" in diameter.  Each brake assembly uses one thin (.25" thickness, Goodyear PN 9511257) anvil and one thick (.375" thickness, Goodyear PN 9511258) piston.  The inboard, or moving piston pucks are the thick .375" pucks, the outboard, or fixed anvil pucks are the thin .25" pucks.  Added 4/27/09. Updated 3/9/15.
  • Penetrating Oil.  Machinists Magazine reports that an effective penetrating oil for removing rusted bolts and screws is a 50/50 mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid.  This homebrew proved better than commercial products such as Liquid Wrench and Kroil.  Added 3/31/10.


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