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Goodyear Aircraft Brake Adjustment

Added 9/18/06, Updated 6/29/09

The following article is a scan from the Aeronca Aviator, the newsletter of the original Aeronca Aviators Club, hosted by Joe and Julia Dickey.  This excerpt is from Issue No. 15, Autumn, 1985.  It is copied here with permission.  The article describes the basics of how the Goodyear mechanical disk brakes on our Aeronca aircraft work and how they are adjusted.  This excerpt is but a small portion of an excellent multi-page article on Goodyear brakes in that issue.  The full article includes a wealth of information on maintenance and repair of Goodyear brakes, including a method to keep worn parts (discs and brake clips) in place, drawings and details required to make replacement parts, options for cable ends and detailed information on how to make lightweight adjustment tools. 

All back issues of the original Aeronca Aviator are now available from the reborn Aeronca Aviators Club.  Just go to the Aeronca Store.  Copies of the original Aeronca Aviator published by Joe & Julia Dickey, are available in volumes of four issues each. Member Price: $14.95 [Non-Member $19.95]  Issue number 15, containing the Goodyear brake article, is in Volume 4. Highly recommended!

*****Note:  Tony Markl pointed out that the Joe's instructions for adjusting the brakes (steps 2 & 3 of the second section below) do not say which WAY to turn the adjusting washer.  My experience is that turning the washer counter-clockwise increases drag on the disk, clockwise decreases drag.*****

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