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David Rude's Aeronca Aircraft Oleo Repair Service

Added 1/13/06; Updated 8/29/2014

From David Rude:  

" I hope this helps readers have an idea about oleo work costs. I normally work on an hourly basis and it typically comes out very much like indicated below. I am an A&P/IA. I put some average charges for the work so it gives an idea of cost. Some of the work overlaps so it's not always correct to add the prices together. Shipping back has to be added in. Call before sending anything.

I can also supply oleos and case frames on an exchange basis. Call for details.

David L. Rude Inc.

772 Cedar Creek Drive

Wendell, NC 27591

Phone 919-365-3063

If the oleo leaks oil you probably need seals & packing, this is for one oleo $100

If the oleo need seals, packing, and also a spring( this is for one oleo) $175

If the oleo is loose in the case frame (landing gear vee), this is for one case frame

The fabric on the case frame gets destroyed during this process.

Metal covers must be removed, prices do not include removal.

Clean the case frame, oleo and spring before sending it. Some after market case frames need an additional step that can add up to $25 to the total

remove bushing from one case frame $25

install new bushing in one case frame $5

hone one bushing id to size $65

parts for above (I only use FAA/PMA parts) $56

total $151

If the case frame rear tube is rusted, this is for one case frame

repair rear tube on one case frame with larger tube splice method $95

fill out 337 $15

tubing $10

total $120 "



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