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Aeronca Aircraft Links and Resources
(Updated 8/3/14)
Sources of information, parts, and materials for Aeronca enthusiasts.


  • Information Sources
    • A-759 - The Type Certificate Data Sheet for 7 Series aircraft. In PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat.  Added 8/30/05.
    • A-761 - The Type Certificate Date Sheet for 11 Series aircraft. In PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat.  Added 8/30/05.
    • Aeronca Aviators Club - A type club for Aeronca Aircraft. Added 4/5/04.
    • Aeronca Museum - General and detailed information for Aeronca pilots, restorers, and enthusiasts - by Todd Trainor. Added 12/11/12.
    • Aeronca Champs & Chiefs by Charlie Lasher - technical books on operation, maintenance and repair of 7 & 11 series Aeroncas. Updated 7/26/13.
    • Flying the Aeronca book by Bob Livingston.  Available from Dave Livingston.  Email: notsginivil40[at]yahoo.com.  Added 2/14/11.
    • John Propst - Articles Related to the Aeronca Champ and Chief.  A collection of technical articles on maintenance, repair, and modifications. Highly recommended.   Added 1/10/14.
    • National Aeronca Association - A type club for Aeronca Aircraft - revitalized and improved. Added 12/10/04
    • The NEW  NAA Aeronca Discussion Forum - from the National Aeronca Association, revitalized and improved. Added 12/10/04. Updated 1/25/05.
    • Vintage Aircraft Association - The division of the Experimental Aircraft Association devoted to antique and classic aircraft.

    Parts and Services:

    • Aircraft Spruce and Specialty - Aircraft Spruce is a source for some Aeronca parts.  Phone number is 1-877-4-SPRUCE.
    • Aircraft Systems, Inc.  -  Can overhaul the Stromberg carburetors on many of our Aeroncas.  Contact Dan Peter,  5187 Falcon Rd. Rockford,  Illinois 61109 Tel 815/ 399-0225.  Added 12/3/09

    • Noel Allard can provide Aeronca plates and placards.    His email is nallard[at]unitelc.com.  He's located in Park Rapids, MN.  Added 6/20/08.
    • American Champion Aircraft - manufacturer of the Citabria line of aircraft.  Has replacement metal spar wings for the 7AC Champ.
    • Bedrock Aero Restorations - Paul Workman does vintage aircraft restorations, fabric covering and interior work in Zanesville, Ohio.  His projects have included several award winning Aeronca restorations. Added 1/23/07.
    • Burl's  Aircraft LLC.  Specializes in parts and service for the Aeronca 15AC Sedan, but has recently received approval for STC SA02370AK for replacement fuel valves:  the Champ main nose tank valve, Chief main fuel valve and Champ & Chief Aux tank valve.   Burl A. Rogers,  P.O. Box 671487, 22635 Davidson Dr. (UPS/FEDEX only), Chugiak, Alaska 99567, Phone: 907-688-3715 orToll Free Order Line: 1-877-688-3715; Fax: 907-688-5031 ; Email: burl[at]biginalaska.com. Added 4/14/10.
    • David Jackson - has original style fuel filler neck grommets for sale. These grommets are molded vulcanized black rubber with a groove around the base to fit the boot cowling. The grommets also fit Cubs, Taylorcrafts, Luscombes, etc.  The grommets are $30.50 each (i.e., $29.50 + $1.00 shipping for each in the 48 states, actual shipping charges elsewhere). Payment may be made by either personal check, money order, or bank cashier's check payable to: David Jackson, 1200 Hudson Drive, Mansfield, TX 76063, Telephone: 817-477-9556. Address updated 4/13/10.
    • Ray Johnson - has available Aeronca Chief Spinners and Spinner Back Plates based on the tooling of the late Bob Carr.  Spinners - $187.50,  Back Plates - $187.50.  Plus shipping & insurance. ($20.00 most zip codes).  All back plates are reinforced to help prevent the cracking issues many of us have experienced. Ray has back plates for tapered & flanged crankshafts. Spinners are available for wood or metal propellers. See photographs below. Contact: Ray Johnson,  347 South 500 East, Marion, Indiana 46953,  765-669-3544, E-mail: rayjohnson[at]indy.rr.com.  When ordering, please specify wood or metal propeller. Tapered or flanged crankshafts. Added 9/23/14



    • Richard "Dick" H. Love.  Another source for Aeronca fuel tank grommets.  Also has original Aeronca prop decals. No website but contact information is: P.O. Box 448, Dillsburg, Pa 17019, phone 1-717-432-4079. Added 10/9/02.
    • Milman Engineering - offers STC'd metal spar conversions for Champs and Citabrias. Approval for for 11 series Chiefs is in progress.  Phone 1-800-782-7737. Added 5/23/03.
    • Bob Norman of Y-City Flying Service - Continental engine guru who works on our small engines; recommended by Tony Markl. Located at Parr Airport, 1200 Fairview Road, Zanesville, Ohio, 43701. Phone 740 454-1615. Added 8/5/05.
    • Rainbow Flying Service - holds Parts Manufactures Approval (PMA) for new design wing SPAR for the 7 and 11 Series Airplanes and the 8 GCBC Scout. These spars are STC'd and FAA approved They are now available to order for Citabria, Aeronca, Champion, and Bellanca. Added 11/14/08.
    • David Rude -  Dave is a A&P/AI who can rebuild Aeronca oleo struts and case frames, including installation of the bronze bushings. Phone number for Dave is 919-365-3063; e-mail is: dlrude@excite.com. Updated 8/3/14.
    • Steves Aircraft - offers STC'd gascolators for most Aeroncas. Added 2/10/05
    • Brian Safran - has the Aeronca 7AC fuselage jig built by Bill Pancake.  Brian intends to offer it free of charge for use by anyone rebuilding a Champ who wants to check it for accuracy prior to covering.  Brian is in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  His phone number is 330-483-3278 and the email address is safran1983@gmail.comAdded 6/15/07.
    • Univair Aircraft  - supplier of FAA-PMA approved parts for many classic aircraft.
    • Wag-Aero - PMA'd Aeronca parts.  For technical info the contact is Mike Utley, 1-800-558-6868 (ext. 142), email mutley@wagaero.com.   Address: 1216 North Road, Lyons, Wisconsin 53148.
    • Woodwing Specialty - Pete Plumb of Woodwing Specialty can make new wood spars for your Aeronca.  Wooding Specialty, 330 Aviation Street, Shafter, CA 93263. E-mail: woodwingdoc@yahoo.com. Phone 661-391-9464  Added 12/20/05


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