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Rich Preiser's Stinsons
This page created 3/10/09; Updated  11/27/16.
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NC6364M and NC6365M

Rich Preiser of Delray Beach, Florida is restoring a Stinson 108-3, NC6365M.   Rich already owns NC6364M and will have a matching pair that came off of the assembly line one after another.  He sent some photos to share that show his progress. 

More photos, below, arrived in July, 2010.  Progress is solid!

More photos from Rich arrived in November of 2014.  Rich says he took some time off, but is back on the project and plans to stick with it until done.

March 2016.  Wings on!

April 2016.  Interior Progress!  Rich bought those woody panels from me. I happy to see they went to such a good home!

These wood panels came from my parted out project.

Rich and friends were able to fly both Stinsons to Oshkosh in 2016.  NC6365M was selected as Grand Champion Classic and NC6364M was given the presentation award.

Ready for Oshkosh - courtesy Rich Preiser

Oshkosh Ready

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