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Stinson 108 Aircraft Weight Survey
This page created 11/8/99
Updated 10/21/14



One of the keys to Stinson performance is weight control.  As we restore these old airplanes, most of us try to find the right balance between keeping our airplane's weight low and adding those "must have" goodies.   A bigger engine, a metal prop, a fancy paint job, and a panel full of avionics are nice, but they do add to the empty weight, impacting payload and performance.  On this page I will be adding information on some "real world" figures achieved by Stinson restorers as they have completed the restoration of their 108 series Stinsons.  In order to do that, please let me know what your Stinson weighs and what equipment, covering, engine, prop, and other details contribute to your empty weight figures.  Just e-mail me with your information and I'll update this page to reflect the additional information.

I found it interesting to learn recently that many aircraft have never been weighed.  Some aircraft leave the factory with just the 'calculated" weight based on a standard figure, and over the years, the weight and balance is adjusted by adding and subtracting, without the plane ever being put on the scales.  It would be instructive to see how such calculated weights compare to actual aircraft weight (using certified scales) after 60 or so years.

To start off this discussion of weight, let me quote some figures for stock, original aircraft.  The empty weight figures are from Juptner's  U.S. Civil Aircraft and are probably not "real world" figures.  The gross weight figures are normal category numbers from the type certificate, ATC #767.

Aircraft Empty Weight Gross Weight
108 1206 2150
108-1 1224 2230
108-2 1265 2230
108-3 1320 2400

When my aircraft, a 108-3 Station Wagon, was delivered in 1948, empty weight was listed at 1320 pounds.  When the airplane was weighed in 1988, the plane weighed 1383.4 pounds.  This included a metal prop, too many coats of paint, and a fair amount of dirt as well as a loran, transponder, encoder, and ELT.  I'll be adding other figures to the table below as I receive them.  Send in those numbers!

Registration & Owner Model Empty Weight  Equipment
N6197M (before restoration)
John Baker
108-3 1383.4 F-165, metal prop, Loran, transponder, encoder, ELT, Cleveland brakes, no wheelpants.  Actual weight using certified scales.
Kent Wolcott
(Restored by Larry Westin)
108-3 1398 F-165, metal prop, full IFR with gyros, extensive avionics
Cameron and Franklin Lerum
108-3 1402 F-165, metal prop, Scott 3200, transponder, encoder, Apollo SL40, Garmin GMA-340, advanced panel with vacuum gyros,  oil filter, wingtip and tail strobes, Skytech starter.
Joe Dexter
108-3 1555.75 F-220, CS prop, oil filter, metalized wings and fuselage, full IFR with gyros,  extensive avionics, strobes, Scott 3200
Charlie Shaw
108-3 1357 Lycoming O-360A4M, Sensenich fixed metal prop, Cleveland brakes, no wheelpants, com radio, transponder, intercom, Polyfiber fabric
Charlie Miller 
(restored by Rich Tweedie)
108-2 1451 F-220, CS prop, full IFR with gyros, extensive avionics, intercom, strobes, polyfiber with aerothane, fully insulated, wheelpants
N97389                    Bob Finley 108 1307 F-150, GPS/com, transponder, wood prop, no vacuum instruments, wheel pants, 6:00 x 6 tires. Stits fabric. Actual (not calculated) weight using certified scales.
Tom Messeder
108-3 1370 F-165, wood prop, basic VFR, .032 boot cowl, polyfiber with polytone, com, transponder, intercom, wheelpants
Jim Calcote
108-3 1340 F-165, metal prop, basic VFR, polyfiber with polytone, com, loran, ELT, venturi driven AN gyros, wheelpants
Steve Reese
108-3 1515 Continental  IO360-C-CG 210 HP, CS McCauley prop, gyros, audio panel, com,nav, ELT, transponder, oversize 8:00x6 tires, strobes, no wheelpants
Franklin Lerum
108-2 1351 F-165, metal prop, Escort 110, Narco AT-150, Apollo SL-40, Garmin GMA-340, Advanced instrument panel with vacuum gyros, Madras wing tips with strobes, Scott 3200 tailwheel, Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
ZK-VGR (New Zealand)
Hamish Ross 
108-2 1310 F-165, transponder, ELT, metal prop, no wheel pants
ZK-STN (New Zealand)
N & J Sutton
108-3 1462 F-165, wheel pants, transponder, ELT, metal prop
ZK-NCC (New Zealand)
Rex Evans
108-3 1486 F-220, CS prop, transponder, ELT, wheel pants
Tim Fox
108-3 1489.5 Lyc O-540, 235 HP, fixed pitch metal prop engineered by former owner Vic Steelhammer
Jon Franklin
108-3 1315 F-165, KX155 w/gs, KT76a, McCauley Met-l-Prop, 8.50's, Clevelands, no wheel pants
Joe & Ray Kendzicky
108-1 1408 F-150, IFR equipped, full gyro panel, metalized, wheel pants, metal prop
CF-GYF (Canada)
Dave Miller
108-2 1389;  1424 on A2500A Skis:
1567 on Edo 2425 floats
Cont. IO-360-D 210 HP/80"CS Prop, All Fabric, Flying Station Wagon, Sky-Tec Starter, Madras Tips, Strobes, Apollo SL40, Mode C, Full Gyros, Cleveland W&B 8.0x6 tires, Aux Fins (Wheels and Floats)
Pete Karp
108-1 1254 F-150, VFR, Eismann mags, original starter & generator, metal prop, Stits
C-FNON (Canada)
Jeff Goyer
108-3 1364 F-165, metal prop, com, ELT, intercom, x-ponder with encoder, original panel, Poly-fiber, no wheel pants, lots of insulation
Joe Richwine
108-2 1286 F-165, metal prop, navcom, x-ponder, gps,wheel pants, Scott 3200 tailwheel
N531C Tom Wagner 108-3 1380.2 F-165 with stock accessories, wood prop, oil filter, Cleveland brakes, Scott 3200, wheel pants, stock panel & interior, KX 155 navcom, KT76A transponder with encoder, ELT, Ceconite
N4045C            David Young 108-3 1367 F-165 , Metal prop, Stits covering, 29" AK bush wheels and bush tailwheel, dual piston Clevelands, ICOM IC200, 4 place intercom Flightcom 403, minimum gauges
N6102M           Dennis Crenshaw 108-3 1393 F-165, S/W with Airtex interior, Met-L prop, wheel pants, basic blind flight instrument panel with Becker com & transponder, intercom, ceconite with SuperFlight II process with too much paint
VH-JKD                Ian Harvie               108-1 1399 F-150, oil filter, metal prop, Full IFR panel with ILS, VOR, ADF, 2 comm radios, Marker beacon receiver, audio panel, and a speaker. Scott 2000 TW 7.00 X 6 tires Goodyear brakes and wheel pants. Ceconite 101 dope and polyurethane (lots of it, you couldn't see the weave); extensively insulated/sound proofed the cockpit area with fiberglass insulation;  top of the cabin area metalized (under the fabric)
N6731M               Jim Feighny 108-3 1383.2 F-165, metalized.
N18F Gil Wilcox and Hal Rigeway 108-2 1364 F-165, McCauley Metal Prop, Ceconite with Imron Paint, No Wheel Pants, Scott 3200 Tailwheel, Weighed without oil
N97626               Jim Custis 108 1272

F-150 w/Metal Prop, Harrison Oil Cooler, Oil Filter, & Helicopter Vac Pump.  Original interior, Full gyro panel, Nav/Com, Transponder, ADF, MB Rec, Intercom, Baggage Comp., Shoulder Harness. Wheel Pants, Cleveland Brakes, Scott 3200 tailwheel, Polyfiber 101 w/Polytone.

C-FYWE         Michael Larouche 108 1285 F-150, Scott 3200 tail wheel, transponder mode C, VHF eqpt, wheel pants, ceconite fabric, metal prop McCauley,  Cleveland brakes, GPS, all vacuum instruments, VHF, ELT. 
N6488M          Lonnie Messenger 108-3 1505 F-220, Hartzell 80", Woodward governer, Scott 3200 tail wheel, Stewart System covering.
N6063M             Russ Elliott 108-3 1604 O-470 with constant speed prop,  Madras wing tips, skylight, custom aluminum interior with extended baggage compartment, Scott 3200, transponder, Aeroflash strobes, 8.50x6 tires, Cleveland double puck brakes, float fittings

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