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Rich Tweedie's 108-2
This page created  10/21/99
Updated 2/4/2001


Rich and Judith Tweedie of San Jose, California completed the full restoration of their Stinson 108-2, N175C, in the fall of 1999. Power is from a 220 HP Franklin with a constant speed prop and this plane is FULLY equipped!

Rich battled cancer while he was finishing the plane and died on March 29, 2000. Rich did have a chance to fly his beautiful 75 Charlie several times after the restoration and said it flew great!  He was very proud of his accomplishment, and rightly so.   Rich has been a great contributor to the Hangar 9 Aeroworks Technical Section and to the Stinson Community in general.  I had the opportunity to correspond with Rich over recent years at length and enjoyed his enthusiasm for Stinsons and his extraordinary technical expertise.  I will miss him greatly.

For info on Rich's 220 Franklin installation, follow these links:

    • Franklin 220.  Rich Tweedie's notes on installing and operating the Franklin 220 in his 108-2, N175C.  Added 4/9/99.
    • Franklin 220, Part 2.  Rich Tweedie's baffles and tandem oil cooler installation. Added 4/27/99

In January, 2001, Judith sent some additional photos (below) of 175C and a note saying that she had sold the plane to a good home.

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